DPR Inspection team gives out 8,000 liters of Petrol free in Zamfara

DPR Inspection team gives out 8,000 liters. -As the shortage of fuel hits the country hard, and several reports of petrol hoarding the product, the Nation’s Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has embark on an inspection exercise to all filling stations across the country and identifying those filling stations hoarding the product.

Its latest mop up exercise on Friday led to shutting down of eight filling stations around Gusau, the capital of Zamfara state on Friday.

The DPR inspection team confirmed it dispense over 8,000 litres of petrol to motorist on queue freely at various stations that are reported and confirmed to be hoarding the product. The operations controller in charge of DPR field office Ango Haruna, said the operation is aimed at checking and nabbing the filling stations around the country hoarding or increasing the petrol pump, he further added that the harsh sanction will continue if fuel stations failed to follow the rules and guidelines involving its sale even at this particular period.

DPR Inspection team gives out 8,000 liters

The actions was received with wide jubilation as the DPR sealed these eight filling stations selling their petrol product above the normal pump price of N145 and gave out 8,000 litres of the product free of charge to motorists.

It was also reported that the operations controller in charge of DPR field office, Gusau, Ango Haruna, also said that the department, from Monday, December 25 to Friday, December 29, sealed several filling stations in the state over various offences. DPR Inspection team gives out 8,000 liters

He later vowed that the department would dispense 8,000 litres of petrol belonging to one of the sealed stations named Sanusi IBS Nigeria Limited in Gusau, free of charge to motorist and civilians in search of the product. He further added that the station had been operating against DPR rules and regulations.

Filling Stations

“We have warned the owner of this filling station three times this week over selling of the commodity, but he refused to comply with the federal directives. “Because in a situation like this we don’t want to seal a filling station, especially on a high way like this but we have no option than to seal it because of its level of offences.

“We received different reports from members of the public that the station was selling the fuel at N230 per litre. And when we came in, the filling station operators stopped selling the commodity and told us that it had finished,” he said. “But we discovered that they have 8,000 litres of fuel, therefore, we are going to give the product free of charge to motorists who have been here for hours,” he added.

According to him, the station will be sealed until further noticed. “The DPR is responsible for ensuring effective distribution and sales of fuel and would not relent in its efforts to ensure that filling station owners comply with the DPR rules and regulations,” he added.

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