Download FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Apk + Data Obb Android

The update of the FIFA game is available. The new FIFA game FIFA 2019 Ultimate Team is out. FIFA 2019 is fun and very addictive game. The interface is superb, you will really fall in love with the game. Just like PES 2018 the game simulate the real football match. For the lover of football game we have provided you with easy access to Fifa 2019 download.

Download FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Apk

This app requires you to have an EA Account, FIFA 19 (available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation®3, and Xbox 360™), and a FIFA Ultimate Team™ Club. You can Download FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Apk and start enjoying the game of your chioce.

FIFA 2019 New features

  • Better gameplay
  • Enhanced visual reality
  • New online co-op
  • Complete presentation overhaul
  • Improved FIFA league integration
  • Significant pc improvements
  • Active intelligence system.
  • Set piece overwrite.
  • Improved graphic quality.
  • Updated players/clubs.
  • New single player story campaign mode.

Android users can download and install FIFA 2019. You need to have the following system requirements to successfully install FIFA 2019.


Before you download Fifa 17, make sure your Android device meets the following requirements:

  1. Must have a minimum of 1gb of RAM
  2. Must be Android v4.4 and above.
  3. Must have active data connection to download both the Apk and the Obb files.
  4. Must  have at least two processors

Download FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Apk + Data Obb Android

Now that your android phone meet the requirements to download and install FIFA 2018. We will proceed by showing you the link to download. Click the image to download below.

Download FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Apk
Download FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Apk

Watch FIFA 2018 trailer below.


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