DJ Cuppy confess why she stays up at night while others are sleeping

The well-know Nigerian DJ, cum singer, DJ Cuppy has confess the reason why she stays up at night while others are asleep.

what she does late at night when people are fast asleep?see reasons.

Some people stay awake late at nights because of insomnia, and others because they are deep in thoughts. But for DJ Cuppy, it’s a different reason.

According to the cum singer, who recently cried out about her single status on social media, while indicating her interest in British rapper, J Hus.

she said she stays awake late nights to fight DEMONS!.

However, She did not insinuate on whether she was speaking metaphorically, She then took to her microblogging platform, Twitter to shed more light into what she said earlier.

She wrote this on her official Instagram account saying: “#ImAwakeThisLateBecause I’m fighting demons.”

According to what a follower of her posted as a reply on her Instagram page, she said “all I could gather about this her confession was that I think she is trying to gain attention to herself or being getting involved in any kind of supernatural artefacts”.says the follower whose identity is properly hidden.

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