De Gea save sparked reactions on social media [ Video]

De Gea save sparked reactions on social media. The Champion league match between Manchester United and Sevilla end in goalless draw but one of the most talk about in the match is Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea save. The saved had been described as one of the world class save. Even the Sevilla’s striker went up to De Gea after the half-time whistle to congratulate the United goalkeeper.  “He said it was a great save.

After the match, the save became the talk of the town on twitter.

De Gea save sparked reactions on social media

Watch the save below.

Scanning through different reactions from the save from twitter. We got this for you.


@em_umoh Dude, he was 4 yards away from De Gea. He also didn’t exactly head it to his chest. And yes, he absolutely should have scored. But that header, with the force he put behind it and the little distance,will beat a lot of keepers.

@gavincuppello I’ve given it some thought, and I hope De Gea, stays at utd for a few more years. If he was to leave and join a good team, he could make them unbeatable..


 @wefollowunited Still annoyed about last nights performance, we’re finding a positive praising De Gea, I already knew he was the best in the world, we praised him all the time under LVG because the football was crap, this is the same reason.


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