Daddy Freeze Reacts to evangelist who said Tope Alabi’ll go to hell for wearing weavon

Critic, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has attacked an evangelist who said popular singer, Tope Alabi will not get to heaven if she kept on using weavons, earrings and others.

Evangelist Victor Edet had warned Tope Alabi through his Facebook page to beware so that her good works would not be forgotten.

Edet said: “TOPE Alabi, you are talented and gifted, but don’t allow your labour to be in vain. Take off the Weavon, attachment, earrings, make-up and artificial nails.

“Anyone who wear this thing won’t make Heaven.”

Reacting on his Instagram page, Daddy Freeze described the evangelist as an intellectual midget with a blattodea brain, exhibiting a paucity of scriptural understanding and suffering from spiritual discohesion.

“When you listen to untaught preachers, you can only end up with a warped understanding of Christ.

“Christianity has no dress code but ‘Churchism’ & ‘bornagainism’ two false, pagan religions, based on the ideas of men, do,” he said.

Daddy Freeze quoted from 1 Peter 3:3, which said: “Your beauty should not come from outward adornments, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewellery or fine clothes.”

He said this in no way did not imply that these things were bad, but that “it just says they shouldn’t define your beauty.”

“Women should be decent, but who or what defines decency, has always been a dilemma. If you wear a nice decent wig or weave, that won’t attract attention, but if you wear a hip long multi-coloured wig or weave that definitely will draw attention.

“Also, mild, well applied, modest makeup won’t draw attention to you, but painting your face in uncomplimentary colours or making up like a drag queen would,” he said.

According to Daddy Freeze, “Let’s remember that Christ did not tell his disciples to go out and start religions, but as humans, they soon unwittingly found themselves teaching their followers religion.”