Daddy Freeze quotes Pastor Adeboye with a Muslim Lady’s quote

Daddy Freeze the controversial religious OAP is on a personal mission against everything the Redeemed Christian Church of God overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye stand for, his controversial comments ranges from church tithing to Christmas day not about Christ.

In a Personal crusade he termed Free the Sheeple movement, it is now revealed that Daddyfreeze is reportedly monitoring every comment made by the Redeemed overseer, popularly referred to as Daddy G.O by church members.

In recent happening the OAP compares a post of the Overseer on Instagram after he posted a comment. On his [Daddyfreeze] he wrote: By their fruits you shall know them!-Najwa Zebian is a Muslim author and poet. I first stumbled upon her on a Buddhist website, while doing research on a topic.-The ONLY thing needed to make heaven is LOVE.-Don’t listen to those saying “if you are not a ‘christian’ you can’t make heaven”.

Jesus wasn’t a Christian and neither was Moses or Aaron or David or even Abraham.-They tell you that because if you aren’t Christians who will pay them tithes or give them offerings?

-I am a born again christian, but I am aware that heaven requires more than just religion.-Although religion may dictate your lifestyle, it’s love that guarantees you heaven.


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