Daddy Freeze defends Beverly Osu’s anti-Catholic photo on Instagram

Beverly Osu, a Nollywood actress caused a commotion on social media over an anti-Christian outfit. She posed semi-nude in a nun’s outfit, clutching a rosary in one hand and holding a cigarette in the other.

A lot of people frank at the manner in which she portrays the Catholic faith. Majority of people blasted her for  disrespecting the Catholic faith while few did not see what is wrong with what she posted.

Daddy Freeze defends Beverly Osu’s anti-Catholic photo
Daddy Freeze defends Beverly Osu’s anti-Catholic photo

One of the people that did not see anything with what she posted is the was controversial Nigerian radio presenter, Daddy Freeze.

Daddy Freeze said,

His post reads: “I don’t understand the problem people have with this @beverly_osu post….. No be cloth she wear? No be tailor sew am? Was this attire invented by Jesus and his disciples or by religion? If it was invented by Jesus, then I have a huge problem with it. However, if it was invented by religion then I don’t understand what the fuss is….. Maybe someone should educate me. By the way, I know a lot of nuns and priests who smoke.”

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