Crowd Storm Lagos LGs To Receive Their Relief Packages (Photos)

The Government of Lagos State has confirmed that they will distribute food items for those in need, this is what he said;

“I am happy to announce an economic stimulus package to help our residents cushion the effects of our #StayAtHome directive to stop the spread of #COVID19.

This first stage is targeting 200,000 households at an estimation of 6 people per household. We hope to ramp it up quickly.

The stimulus package will contain bags of rice, beans, garri, bread, dry pepper, drinking water and vitamins. We want each ration to last for 14 days as we continue to evaluate the impact of #COVID19.”

Some people have started receiving their stay at home package why some also have complained that they haven’t gotten any info on where to go to receive their package for the Emergency food response.

Since the lockdown official started people have been asking if it is possible for the government to send money via the bank account through BVN.

But with this picture it shows that some have their package which is the stay at home package.

So if you have received your package.please comment on this news feed.

It is great to.know that some people have started receiving their stay at home package as we hope this goes round to people through in need in a time like this

In the next few days we will be seeing allot of of give away of the stay at home package.


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