Covid 19: Over 150 young people has profited by P Tee Money’s charity


By reserving a critical piece of his riches for the progression of society, exciting music maker and circle racer, P Tee Money has separated himself as a giver of notoriety. As of late, the music producer connected with adolescents engaging with new companies just as the individuals who have no way to subsidize their investigations. As indicated by him, he needs them to follow in his innovative steps and to achieve this he set up a group to empower splendid understudies have a sample of the advanced business world.


What’s more, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic and limitation of development, P Tee Money has guaranteed his group runs a month-to-month online instructional exercise for those longing to be business visionaries. Additionally, he gave startup money to young visionaries who have splendid business thoughts yet can’t satisfy their fantasies. At the last check since the start of the lock down, he has delivered monetary help to more than 150 adolescents.

On why he is wearing his humanitarian apparatus around then of Covid 19, PT Money says: “Youngsters ought to have the option to fight for themselves after the pandemic.”

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