COVID-19 Lockdown: Police Arrest Man Taking His Wife Who Is In Labour To The Hospital At Iyana-Ipaja

The overzealous Police Officers in a roadblock at Iyana-Ipaja Lagos said to have arrested a man taking his wife to the hospital in an emergency situation. The woman who was in serious labour was arrested with her husband for failing to obey the stay at home order of the Lagos State Government.

The man who gave his name as Mr Chime narrated his encounter to My State News with the Nigerian Police who stationed at Iyana-Ipaja, He said, ” I live at Abule-Egba area of Lagos State, my wife started developing sign of labour at around 8 am on Monday.

” I made an effort taking her to the hospital she is using for delivery, we have passed about three Police roadblock until Iyana-Ipaja when a Policewoman who was one of the Police at the Station stopped us. As usual, I told her that it was an emergency and my wife is in labour. Then she started asking different things, She asked about the hospital card, I provided it and showed her. She has about my ID that was when I was very mad at her. I told her that I have passed many checking points and they never delay us even for a second.

” The Policewoman angrily ordered me to park and I obeyed her. I parked and my wife was groaning in pain then I starting begging but all to no avail. The woman delay me about an hour until when her superior officer came in and asked me what was my offence, I told him everything then he was very mad at the policewoman and he even ordered her arrest. That was when I left the place for the hospital.


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