Covid-19: Father Mbaka Declares Spiritual Warfare Against Coronavirus

The spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has declared war against the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic disease. The energetic and prayerful Catholic priest has on Friday last week engaged on serious prayers with the adoration members which took the whole night in demonstration of the Blessed Sacrament against the disease.

The Catholic priest said this time of difficulties is the time to turn to God fire solution. During the prayer, he beckoned on God to make a name for himself and save his children from the deadly disease. He said The Jesus Christ in the blessed sacrament will eradicate the disease as he did in the time of Ebola virus disease outbreak in Africa.

The priest cried to God, saying “You are The same God who killed Ebola virus and send it to the land of the dead, you can do the same during this time of coronavirus pandemic.” He connected the already affected continents the prayer, Asia, Europe and America. He said, during the time of Ebola virus, it only affected African but this time, it is the other continent. He prayed that the disease should not come into African this time.

This is coming after some states in Nigeria have been banned from large gatherings, The most populous state in Nigeria and the commercial norm of Nigeria, Lagos State has banned church service with the congregation above 20 people and the total compliant was forced by Lagos State Police Officers. Scanning the church activities on Sunday many churches are already abiding by the authorities while the churches that fail to comply have the pastors arrested by the Police.

Mystatenews reported some of the activities by the religious body on Sunday, Our reporters observed that many churches or Mosques closed down to avoid the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria.

Many pastors who lead large congregation have turned to broadcast their messages on TV and online for their members. Pastor Adeboye who has the largest members in Nigeria broadcast a special service on their TV channel and Radio.


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