Couple look good after undergo plastic surgery together [+ 18 Photos]

Couple look good after undergo plastic surgery together. A man and his wife has undergone a plastic surgery that make them look very cute. A  plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jimerson popularly known as Dr. Curves, took to Instagram to introduce his new work on a couple. He performed plastic surgery for the couple and shared their photos before and after the plastic surgery.

In his twitter handle, he wrote that;

Couples that get #plasticsurgery together, stay together❤ I don’t think you guys are ready for this couple’s transformation😱😱😱 SWIPE RIGHT. 👩 38 years old, 5’8, BMI 26 💉Procedure: Tummy tuck + liposuction + breast reduction + breast augmentation with 200 cc’s silicone implants + fat grafting to the butt and hips 🧔 34 years old, 6’, 💉Procedure: liposuction + fat grafting to the biceps, triceps and pecs + high definition abdominal etching + hernia repair. VLOG coming soon! Stay tuned✨

Couple look good after undergo plastic surgery

Here is the photos released along the post.


Source: LindaIkejiblog

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