Coronavirus Will Not Die, It Will Continue – Pastor Adeboye Prophesies

Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has prophesied concerning the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria and the world at large. He said, the coronavirus will not die suddenly but it will subside.

Pastor Adeboye was speaking during the live broadcast of Sunday service, He said a lot of Prophets have prophesied about coronavirus, one of the prophets has said coronavirus will end by May 27th 2020, the Pastor said Amen to that but he said Coronavirus will continue in the background.

He said, God has told me that the whole world will go for a compulsory holiday and that was difficult to explain so I kept quiet. You can see all over the world are grounded. The major Nations of the world are locking down.

He disclosed that one prophet prophesies that by May the 27th of March Coronavirus will be dead I said Amen. another one prophesied that the rain will fall non-stop and that rain will wipe out Coronavirus he said amen.  A prophet is greater than the pastor.

What’s going to happen is that coronavirus will be around but it will go into the background and hopefully it will stay in the background.

The next time the people of the world tries to show that they are greater almighty God, God show them greater things. But concerning hygiene. I am 100% in support and you know we had always been very strong when it comes to sanitation you know what we are during our convention when we have millions of people gathered together. You know every time of the convention will speak on sanitation and anybody who scored less than 90% cleanest will call out their names.

He said concerning his children, they will dwell stately and nothing will by any means hurt them not even coronavirus.


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