Coronavirus Is Not On Easter Break, Stay At Home

The Former Kogi west senator, Dino Melaye has called on Nigerians to continue staying at home so as to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Dino Melaye took to his official Twitter handle and further stated that the dreaded disease is not on Easter break and as such people should not break the stay at home order.

Because almost all Nigerian celebrates Easter period, So I urge Nigerians to please stay at home because this virus is very deadly to the human race across the globe of the planet.

Although there is an improvement to treatment that is been generated by the COVID-19 patients, that is not a very good reason for us Nigeria to disregard the stay at home order that was been passed to us by the Federal Government of Nigeria. I beg my fellow Nigerians please stay at home do not come out and give excuses that you are celebrating Easter fest, for if you are being caught you would be highly penalized by the state authority.

Even at INDIA, they are presently observing their extra lockdown the order.

The Government of India Extended the lockdown of their country by One month.

So Nigerians I beg of you lets act likewise.

Here are the former Kogi west senator, Dino Melaye Tweet on the his official Twitter handle, “Corona is not on Easter break. Pastors and my people stay at home. Governors don’t be used by the devil biko. Ejoor doesn’t break the sit at home order don Allah. Oga Coro is not on break, please. We shall overcome…wisdom is profitable to direct”.

  • Senator Dino MELAYE.
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