Clarence Peters Makes Full Statement Concerning Kodak’s Death

Clarence Peters has debunked his arrest speculations, saying that he willingly made himself available to the police as he has pledged to render his full support in the course of the investigation.

His statement is coming in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday five days after Kodak reportedly died in his house.

He said he was not in the same building with the late dancer when the unfortunate accident occurred.

He said his attention was called only after Kodak collapsed.

He said, “I was not physically in the same room as her when the incident occurred, when I inquired, I was told by those present at the scene that Love Divine, while taking a break from the dance session, was sitting on one of the metal sliding door rails, charging and using her phone plugged to an extension box.

“She was said to be electrocuted, her phone was found on her chest, with severe burn marks, and the phone’s imprint on her chest,” he wrote.

He added also that Love Divine was a huge part of Capital Dreams Pictures, and losing her hurts his entire team.

“She was an exemplary person and a legend in her own rights. We will miss her very much,” his statement read.

“Words will never be enough to describe what her family is going through in these things trying times. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I ask God to grant them all the strength & fortitude at this time.”

His girlfriend speaks

Jennifer Alegieuno, Peters’ girlfriend of 14 years, has also spoken out in his defence.

The makeup artist said her boyfriend was neither arrested nor charged with murder as contained in the police statement released by police spokesperson, Mr Elkana.

She said the investigation carried out by the IPO in charge of the case after the on-scene investigation was done and the body visited at the morgue, concluded that the death was a result of a natural accident.

“Events took a different turn when The DCP- YETUNDE LONGE, came in and asked that the report be torn, he wrote a second one that she tore again. By the third report, then came in MR. OYE and his father Sir Shina Peters and she couldn’t continue with her foul play,” she wrote.

“She agreed they had NO CASE with him and the rest of the witnesses. ‘So why are u still holding him..’ everyone asked, she said she was waiting for the autopsy result so she can attach it. When she saw she had been caught, she sent them to put out a press statement that he was charged for murder. So thinking Nigerians, can someone be “CHARGED” without an autopsy conducted?”, she said.

Until her death, the late dancer worked with a number of top artistes like Olamide, Burna Boy, Korra Obidi and ace dancer, Kaffy among others.


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