Chelsea spending spree swings title odds towards them despite gap to Liverpool

Ben Chilwell Signs For Chelsea 233

After a couple of weeks of buildup, Chelsea finally got into transfer completion mode in the last few days, sealing a long-awaited deal for Ben Chilwell and a rather surprising free transfer for Thiago Silva to complement the deals already in place for Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech.

All of this has seen Chelsea’s title odds on betting sites like tumble rapidly. Of course signing players is no guarantee of success, and in fact trying to integrate lots of new faces can be a challenge in itself, but the squad has been so clearly upgraded this summer that there is just no questioning we’re competing on a whole new level compared to the campaign just gone.

The Blues were left trailing so far in Liverpool’s wake last season that any notion of challenging them immediately seems far-fetched, but it could be closer than we think. The Reds simply have to drop off from their incredible pace from the first part of last season – and indeed their form after the title was won showed that was already happening.

They’ve also not made any moves in the transfer moves this summer, meaning that a squad that relied on a small core group of players is still vulnerable to injuries. That will be especially important given the packed fixture list this time around.

Chelsea, meanwhile, are adding bodies and first team stars to a squad already packed with youthful talent, while shedding some of the deadwood and veteran players who have probably seen their best days.

The crazy points gap from last season seems insurmountable now, but getting our goalkeeper and defence to perform at even just an average level would hand us another 10-15 points on top of what we had, so if Jurgen Klopp’s side drop off by just 5-10, we will suddenly be talking about staying in touch with them for the majority of the season.

Manchester City – with or without Leo Messi – may be a bigger threat. After a tepid season where they saw the league slip away from them all too early, they will be determined to start stronger and walk away with a trophy. Their squad will be able to handle the pressure’s of games every few days much better, and they’re already making moves in the transfer market to get stronger, just like us.

Whatever happens, after an exceptionally uncompetitive year in the top flight, next year should see a far more exciting title race, hopefully featuring Chelsea front and centre.

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