Buhari unveils plans in Next level agenda for second term

President Buhari has unveiled the second term agenda which contains in the document released yesterday named a next level document.

The President also unveiled a campaign theme called a “The Next Level: Working for the Greatest Number”,

Buhari listed what he will achieve if re-elected as a president of Nigeria. Some key projects he highlighted in the document include:

Buhari unveils plans in Next level agenda

  1. To extend Npower beneficiaries from 500,000 to 1,000,000 and provide skills for 10,000,000 Nigerian youths.
  2. To expand the school feeding programme from 9.3 million to 15 million children to create 300,000 extra jobs for vendors and farmers.
  3. To complete the Ibadan/Kano phase of the Lagos/Kano rail link, the Port Harcourt/Maiduguri line, the Itakpa/Warri link to Abuja, through Lokoja; the Second Niger Bridge; and the East-West Road connecting Warri, Delta State, to Oron, Akwa Ibom State, through Kaiama and Port Harcourt in Bayelsa and Rivers State respectively.
  4. To institutionalize the giving out of soft loans of up to N1 million to small traders, artisans and commercial drivers, including taxi drivers, Keke and motorcycle riders.
  5. To consolidate on its Trader Moni, Market Moni and Farmer Moni schemes by increasing the number of beneficiaries from 2.3 million to 10 million
  6. To achieve 35 per cent in female appointments, give more access to youth appointment in boards and agencies.
  7. To digitalised both the primary school and secondary school across Nigeria, 0,000 schools per year will be remodelled and equipped, transforming classrooms to labs, workshops and collaboration centres.
  8. Agriculture Mechanization Policy to create 5m jobs
  9. Livestock Transformation Plan to create 1.5million jobs
  10. To train 200,000 youth for outsourcing market in technology, services and entertainment
  11. Provision of $500m innovation fund to tech and creative sector to create 500,000 jobs



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