Bring Back Jonathan For President In 2023 – Northerner Begs Nigerians

A human rights legitimate based in Jos, Barrister Gyang Zi, has approached Nigerians to return former President Goodluck Jonathan to the Presidency in 2023 for serene concurrence and thriving in the nation.

Counselor Zi, who tended to journalists in Jos, showed that the former President had the nature of a bringing together pioneer and a democrat attributable to the arrangements of his organization while in office and his regard for the standard of law.

Zi contended that Jonathan was not a sectional head, refering to an example of arrangement of people into government workplaces, infrastructural improvement plans and his general disposition towards the nation on the loose.

He said that Jonathan accepts such a great amount in Nigeria and that his nationalism educated everyone with his winllinly conceding power in 2015.

Zi stated: “We are supporting for Jonathan administration in 2023 dependent on the accompanying accomplishments while in office. Nigeria was recorded among the quickest developing economy on the planet; expansion of the economy by building up the horticultural and mining areas and the presentation of the BVN; and single Treasury Account as an efficient method for battling debasement.

“He thought of instructive changes, including the foundation of extra colleges; giving licenses to private people and bodies to build up private colleges and different organizations; the foundation of Almajiri schools in the north and so forth.

“Exacting adherence to the arrangements of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; acquiescence to decisions and requests of the court just as regard to the standard of law; non-impedance with different arms of government particularly the legal executive.

“His exertion toward battling weakness regardless of outrageous damage by resistance and refusal to offer arms to Nigeria by the USA and the universal network and leading a free and reasonable political race just as giving up power so as to spare the lives and properties of Nigerians‚Ķ ”

Lawyer Zi added that if Jonathan declined to challenge the 2023 surveys, Nigerians should zone the presidential seat toward the South-East which has been underestimated for long.

“I am supporting that in the event that Nigerians are not returning Goodluck Jonathan to Aso Rock in 2023, at that point the situation of the President ought to be zoned to the Igbos who have been sidelined from the Presidency but to be allowed the chance to lead the nation since after the Civil War.”


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