Breaking news:Pregnant Wife Allegedly Killed In Anambra- Man Speaks As More Details Emerge

A pregnant woman allegedly killed by a man who stood with the corpse for some days has finally broken his silence.

The 49-year old man, known as Ikechukwu Atansi, who was arrested by the Anambra State Police for the alleged murder of his two months pregnant wife has broken his silence.
 While speaking the man claimed that unknown men killed his wife and he doesn’t know the identity of the killers.
He said that he stayed with the dead wife for three days because he had low battery and couldn’t call anyone to notify them of his wife’s death.
Ikechukwu was accused of murdering his wife and locked himself up with her corpse for three days says the police deputy of anambra state.
 The State’s police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed who confirmed the incident said the Central Police Station Awka received an emergency call at about 8:30am on Thursday March 26, about an awkward odour coming out from Atansi’s room.
When the police went in to investigate the crime scene they found a decomposing body of a woman, who was later identified as Mrs Uchechi Atansi aged 31 years, was spotted at the scene when police officers gained access into the apartment.
Also, marks of violence were spotted on the body of the victim and blood spilt all over the room was admitted as evidence when detectives analyzed the crime scene.
Which means the couple got involved in some kind of domestic violence and out of anger the outranged man who was later discovered to be the victims’ husband murdered his two months pregnant wife.
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