Breaking News: Fani Kayode-Nigeria is Dead and Buried

With this deadly pandemic outbreak of the Covid-19 scourge this is the time for us to look within, to pray to our God, to gather our strength and to preach love, unity and peace.

We shouldn’t act as if all was well before the arrival of this outbreak called Covid-19 in our shores. It does not mean that we should close our eyes to the bitter truths our insufferable and seemingly insurmountable predicaments.

The coronavirus outbreak has come and in God’s name and time it will go. Its unwelcome presence does not mean that we should close our eyes to the monumental problems of our country.

This is all the more so when we are saddled with a Federal Government and a President who has proved to be more incompetent, clueless and ineffectual than ANY other in our entire history.

Due to numerous enquiries that I have received over the last few days, I am constrained to the state clearly and unequivocally where I stand and what I consider to be the way forward for Nigeria.

Nigeria as a nation is no longer viable or tenable.

It would take a miracle to keep us together because break-up is the future and unity is the past,  Whether we like it or not.

That is what I sense and that is what I see. And the truth is that may as well be the best thing for us all.

Too many innocent souls have been slaughtered over the last 106 years in the name of keeping Nigeria one and too many are being killed and persecuted today for crimes they have never committed.

Outside of that, can there be any understanding between one that believes that he alone has the power over the future and destiny and over life and death and that boastfully proclaims that he was “born to rule” and another that he considers to be nothing more than a “worthless slave”?

Can anything love co-exist between a cruel, barbaric, retrograde,  and unrepentant “master” and a resourceful, refined, productive, generous, kind and civilised “servant” who refuses to bow to him or kiss his feet?

Thats a capital latter NO says fani kayode.


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