Breaking: Israeli govt donate $9.5 million to assist Nnamdi Kanu on heroic day (May 30th)

The Israeli government has offered financial support to Nnamdi Kanu, over the heroic day celebration on May 30th in Jerusalem, with the sum of $9.5 million to mark that day, purpose of supporting him was his doggedness and hardworking put in place for the actualization of Biafra agitation.

According to the report, May 30th, is a day sets aside for hero or heroine who are brave to fought for what they believe that is right for them or his people.

Soonest, All faithful Biafrans across the globe will be celebrating alongside with their leader, Chief Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on May 30th.

Although, Nnamdi Kanu is marking this heroic day with Biafrans in the diaspora. Georgia to be precise.


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