Breaking: Gov Dickson appoints 118 year old woman as special adviser

Bayelsa State Government has appointed 118 year old woman as special adviser.

Nigeria is a place where you see things that are not meant to be happening.

This is not just a story but something happening presently in Bayelsa state where a 118 year old woman identified as Mama,DANI OMONIGBALIBO OROGONO was appointed as a special adviser.

What value can a 118 year old woman add to the development of the state, and what can she contribute to the development of the state. A woman who can not move around freely to see what is going on and what people need or lack in the state.

There are a lot of graduate out there who are intelligent and healthy to move around to see what’s going on in the state, youths who are able and can reason to bring development to the state in the areas of health, empowerment, creativity and other field where every citizen can benefit.

Congratulation sir to the 118 yea old woman Mama DANI OMONIGBALIBO OROGONO


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