Breaking: Fayose moves to Abuja in search of an escape route

The outgoing Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose has moved to Abuja a day before the expiration of his tenure. Fayose is been caged by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC and he is searching for the rout of escaped.

Mystatenews learnt that Fayose moved around the major street in Ado -Ekiti with his Lexus jeep carrying a board with the inscription, “Ekiti-Kete, Thank You All and Goodbye.”

Some people were emotional as the outgoing Governor waving at them saying Goodbye. Many people lined up around the street weeping as they bid Fayose farewell.

The tenure of Mr Ayodele Fayose ends at the midnight of Monday. Fayose has a date with EFCC on Tuesday by 1 pm.

Someone disclosed to us that Fayose is seriously searching for the escape route but an investigation revealed that it was difficult for the Governor to escape in Abuja.

When we got through Mr Fayose, he said, “I am ready to defend my activities as a Governor of Ekiti State”

“The trip to Abuja was to honour his earlier promise that he will report at the anti-graft commission’s headquarters immediately after his tenure.

“My tenure expires on the 16th of October, this is the journey to Abuja. “It is safer to be in Abuja than to be in Lagos and be creating the impression that you want to escape.

“There is no seaport in Abuja, EFCC doesn’t need any drama, I am a man of courage, I have told them I’m coming and I’m on my way to them.

“So, after a meritorious service, anybody who wants to call me to question, I’m available to them, just one call away. And my going now is my demonstration to them that I’m a man of my words.

” I’m not scared of anything. I always say to people that the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of what he has, life is for the courageous, not for the weak.

“I have served well, I have defended the common man in this country and I will continue to defend them.


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