Breaking: 50,000 Lagosians Test Positive of COVID-19 Motivated Hunger Virus Within 24 Hours

More than 50,000 People in Lagos State have disclosed that they have already tested positive for COVID-19 motivated hunger virus.

Most people who spoke to us confirmed that after 4 days of total lockdown in Lagos hunger has taken over the fear of coronavirus, people are now scare of hunger more than COVID-19.

The set of people who are confirmed tested positive of hunger virus are those who depends on daily income, the category of job falls into people are doing petty trading, drivers and conductors, Okada riders and many more.

The government should as a matter of urgency to something to alleviate the suffering of these set of people to give out palliative to support them. Lagos State Government claimed to have shared some foodstuffs but how many people this kind of palliative get to.

There are many ways Government can reach Nigerian citizens one of it is through BVN. Government can send support to Nigerians citizens through the verified BVN. Statistics reveals that about 40 millions Nigerians have a verified BVN. It will not be too much for our Government to credit individual account with just N10k.

The cure of dreaded coronavirus is yet to be ascertained but the only cure for hunger is food. People cannot be running from coronavirus and run into hunger. More than 50,000 Lagosians are already complaining of hunger.



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