Boobs Contest, Meet three ladies that vow to knock out Cossy Orijiakor (Photos)

Boobs Contest Cossy Orijakor top contenders: No doubt Cossy Orijiakor has used her big boobs to her advantage. The boob has helped her to acquire fame not only in Nigeria but all over the world. She is regarded as a queen of boobs. She was seen as only actress with biggest boobs but not any more she now has contenders that vow to knock her out.

Boobs Contest Cossy Orijakor top contenders

Let check out five of them:

Cossy Orijiakor

Cossy Orijiakor can make all men go crazy. She knows how to twist her boobs to get attentions if there is only one thing she knows her to do best it should how to use her boobs to create a scene. She even accused a man of God of alleging raping her. Boobs Contest Cossy Orijakor top contenders

Check her crazy photos

Cossy Boobs

She once said she is a born again Christian. But i know Devil is still using her.


You can check more on her twitter.

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  Roman Goddess

Roman Goddess has a very sexy curvy chicks. She is well package with front and back. She can knock Cossy out any time any days.  She is believe to have boobs bigger and stronger than that of Cossy. Like Cossy, Roman Goddess knows how to flaunt her boobs very to attract attentions. The lady is the number one challengers of Cossy. Boobs Contest Cossy Orijakor top contenders

Check her Photos:

Roman Goddes

Side attractions, never go crazy first. Check the others.

Roman boob


Roman boobs


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Sarafina Onyekachi

Sarafina Onyekachi is an actress that endow with a very big boobs. She is also a top challengers of Cossy. Cossy once confessed that Sarafina boobs is bigger. Sarafina does not like faunting her boobs unlike Cossy and Roman Goddess but she carry am. Boobs Contest Cossy Orijakor top contenders

Check her photo

Sarafina boobs


sarafina boobs


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 Duchess Ella

Duchess Ella is a Ghanaian actress. She also a top challengers of Cossy. Like Sarafina she doesn’t like to flaunt her boobs. She can knock down Cossy in boobs contest. Boobs Contest Cossy Orijakor top contenders
Check her photos

She is indeed carry am.

Duchess Ella boobs


Duchess boobs

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