Bishop Sam Zuga Unveils Spiritual Formula To Cure Coronavirus

Bishop Sam Zuga is set to unveil spiritual formula to fight against coronavirus. He has sent notifications to all the coronavirus patients in Nigeria and beyond to come and make use of the spiritual formula.

Bishop Sam Zuga who named the version spiritual formula (37²7) to fight against coronavirus tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

According to him, the said spiritual formula (37²7) will be used in hospitals, homes and offices for the treatment of not just coronavirus but other diseases as well all over the world, irrespective of colour and religion.

According to Zuga, he will hold a live Facebook program for all those who are afflicted with any kind of ailment, coronavirus included.

“Tomorrow, I would make a declaration for all those afflicted with the virus or any other form of ailment and there shall be different testimonies. Interested people are advised to watch the explanation of the formula (37²7) through my page on Facebook by 10 a. m and they will learn how they can use things around them to finish the virus. In times like this, God is always the only help to turn to,” he stated.


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