Biafra Will Be Declared Before The Second Quarter of 2020 – Iseali Prophet

An Iseali Prophet, Prophet Emperor has prophesied the coming of Biafra in 2020. He joined the league of Prophet who have prophesied the coming of Biafra and he specifically stated that Biafra will come before the second quarter of 2020.

Prophet Emperor prophesied that, “The biafra liberation will happen in 2020 and all people from South-Eastern Nigeria gathered in a place holding Biafra flag, singing and dancing.”

“Biafra will become a Nation in 2020 and other great nations will jostle to partner with Biafra for rapid global development.”

Today, Nnamdi Kanu is regarded as one of the most popular freedom fighters in Africa, ranking in the league of Nelson Mandela, Samuel Nkrumah and others.

Kanu started the Biafran struggle as a Director of Radio Biafra in London, under the leadership of Ralph Uwazuruike. The story of Biafra movement changed and become globally recognized after Nnamdi Kanu took over from Uwazuruike.”



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