Biafra: “no government, or authority can arrest the freedom fighter, Kanu”- Israel Prime Minister warns Nigeria Govt

Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has reached out to Nigeria government to warn their authorities not to tamper with the IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu, as he said: “no government, or authority can arrest Kanu”.

The pro-Biafra separatist has sought help from other countries who had given their support towards the achievement of the Nation, Biafra.

It was recalled, that “Nigeria Authorities has talked tough to arrest Nnamdi Kanu if seen in Nigeria.”

“The court ought that the Nigeria Army during Operations Python Dance had forced the IPOB leader to flee for safety”.

According to the voice of Biafra magazine, the prime minister said this during the UN meeting.

He said that “no government can arrest Kanu, he is a true freedom fighter, and that is why we accommodate him in our Nation.”


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