Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Presents At United States Indicate The Actualisation of Biafra is Near

Nnamdi Kanu invitation at US is strong indication that struggle for sovereign Republic of Biafra is closer.

Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB on Saturday, hail Republican party and the United state president Donald Trump, for recognition and  invitation given to our leader Nnamdi Kanu for a guest in president Donald Trump presidential really at Des moines lowa.

The invitation is strong indication that the struggle for sovereign republic of Biafra is at actualising stage,the realization of Biafra is closer.

It is pretty clear that Nnamdi Kanu was a special guest at the rally, our quest and desired for collaborating with other country, and powerful country in the world in realisations of Biafra is highly yielding results. It is ironic for a Leader who is been treated as a terrorist in his own home and country, is been regard as very important personality in a rally and event attended by united state president Donald Trump.

Emma powerful, the indigenous people of Biafra ,media and publicity secretary, further disclosed that the global family of indigenous people of Biafra IPOB,wishes to appreciate the leadership of United state President Donald Trump and Republican party Leader, for kind recognition of our esteemed leader Nnamdi Kanu for a special important personality guest at Donald Trump rally at De’s moine lowa.


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