Bet9ja sure predictions for world cup 2018 games

Bet9ja sure predictions for world cup 2018 games: Bet9ja is a reliable and the best sporting bet in Nigeria. Bet9ja will pay you if you follow our analysis of games you can predict this Saturday. we give you Bet9ja sure predictions for the fifa world cup matches.

Visit any bet9ja shop across Nigeria and get the list of all today’s game. if you love to play online log on to their website Here. Select from our Bet9ja sure predictions for the world cup.

Bet9ja sure predictions for world cup 2018 games

Bet9ja predictions for world cup.

If you follow games/ matches in fifa world cup match you will be familiar with their style of play. here are the Bet9ja sure predictions.

Match Bet9ja Code Possible Predictions
Belgium vs Panama                         5364 1,  over 1.5, over 2.5

Tunisia vs England

  5365 2, 12 &GG, 1x & GG

Colombia vs Japan

  5366 1x, 1x & GG, 1, over 1.5

Poland vs Senegal

    5367 1x, 12, over 1.5, 1x & GG

Russia vs Egypt

1x, GG, x2 & GG

Portugal vs Morocco

  5368 1, 1& over 1.5, over 2.5

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia

1, over 1.5

Bet9ja predictions for world cup

World cup is the best tournament so far in the who;le world. Here are the bet9ja sure predictions for the group games

Match Bet9ja Code Bet9ja predictions
Iran vs Spain 5369 2, over 1.5. 2 & over 2.5
France vs Peru
1, 2x, GG, 1x & GG
Argentina vs Croatia
5372 1, over 1.5, GG & 1x
Brazil vs Costa Rica
1, GG, over 1.5
Tunisia Vs England
5365 x, over 1.5
Russia Vs Egypt
1705 2, GG & x2
Portugal vs Morocco
5368 1, x1, GG, GG & 12

Bet9ja Predictions for  GermanyBundesliga

Bundesliga is very straight forward to predict but some time some of them spoil ticket so you must be careful. Here are the Bet9ja sure predictions for this Saturday.




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