Updated: Bet9ja Predictions: 10 sure games you can predict correctly this weekend

Bet9ja Predictions 10 sure games you can predict: We have 10 games for you that you can predict correctly this Saturday. A lot of people will be playing bet9ja this week. we take our time to select 10 sure games that you can put your money on.

Welcome to new season. Bet9ja will pay you if you can follow our free predictions. Put the money of your choice and smile to the bank.

Bet9ja Predictions 10 sure games you can predict

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1.Arsenal vs Tottenham

Arsenal will host Tottenham at Emirate this weekened, you can paly on both team to score or play on goals and any team to win the match. we also expect the game to produce goals as Arsenal will score, Tottenham will also score. This best predictions for this game is 12 or GG. You can also bet on goals say over 1.5, 2.5 and over 3.5. The Bet9ja code for the game is 1109.

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2. PSG vs Nantes

PSG is palying at from home this week against Nantes. This match is going to be interesting. PSG is expected to win this match 1.. You can bet this game on goals.  Over 1.5. 2.5 etc. The bet9ja code of the game is 1129.

3. Leicester City vs Manchester City

Leicester city is playing at home against Man city  after the internatonal break this weekend. you can play your bet around Man city or to play on goals. The best prediction for the match is 2 or x2 over 1.5  for better odd. You can also bet on goals, GG over 1.5. The code is 1112.

Bet9ja Predictions 10 sure games

4. Liverpool vs Southampton

Liverpool is playing at home against Southampton. The red Liverpool is favourite to win this game. You can play Liverpool straight win 1 or you bet on goals or GG . The bet9ja code is 1113.

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 5. Atl. Madrid vs Real Madrid

Atl Madrid is playing at home this weekend against to defending champion after the international break which team will take the maximum point in this crucial Laliga game. The best prediction is to play any team to win and over 1.5. Also bet on goals, over 2.5 or 3.5 or GG. the bet9ja code is 2374

6. Leganes vs Barcelona

Barcelona is playing away from home against Leganes this weekend in laliga game, Barcelona will likely win the match or play draw.  You can play it straight win 2 or GG. you can play on goals, play it over 1.5, over 2.5 and GG. The code is 2378.

Bet9ja Predictions 10 sure games

7. Manchester Utd vs Newcastle Utd

Man Utd is playing at home in old trafford this weekend against Newcastle Utd and they are favourite to win this match. You can play it straight win and 1.5 or GG. Bet on goals over 1.5, 2.5, 3.5. The Bet9ja code is 1116.

8. Sampdoria vs Juventus

Juventus playing away from  home this weekend against Sampdoria. The league topper Juventus is expected to win the game, Just play your bets around Juventus. The best prediction is win 2, bet on goals.  over 1.5,  over 2.5 etc. The Bet9ja code is 4891.

 9. West Brom vs Chelsea

Chelsea playing away from home home against West Brom. which team will be expected to win this match.  The match will be win or draw or any team to win and over 1.5.  you can play over 1.5 or GG for better old. The bet9ja code is 1115.

10. Bayern Munich vs Augsburg

This is a very good game to bet on this weekend. Bayern Munich is expected to win this match. Give Bayern Munich straight win 1. Also bet on goals.  1 and 2.5, over 2.5 and GG etc. The Bet9ja code is 1566. Good Luck.


Bet9ja Predictions 10 sure games

Napoli vs Milan

Napoli host Milan in serie A LIga this weekend. The home Napoli may win or draw, but Milan will likely score in the match. you can play the game 1 and over 1.5 or 1x and 1.5, over 1.5, and GG. The Bet9ja code is 4888

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