Best Way To Turn on/off Facebook Nearby Friends Feature

How to turn on/off Facebook nearby friends feature. Facebook nearby friends feature let you and your friends on Facebook share location with other people. when you turn on Facebook nearby location you will automatically share your location with other. Facebook also use the feature to track your location.

Nearby Friends is a Facebook feature that will inform you about your friend’s location when they are nearby.

It’s now depend on what you want whether you want to turn it on to share your location or you need your privacy. let show you how to turn it on and off. It’s only accessible through the mobile app and displays the neighbourhood your Facebook friends are in when nearby

How to turn on/off Facebook nearby friends feature

To turn Nearby Friends on or off:
  • Tap on More from the menu (bottom)
  • Tap Nearby Friends
  • Tap  to turn Nearby Friends on or off
To say hello to a nearby friend:
  1. Tap  next to the friend you’d like to say hello to

How to turn on/off Facebook nearby friends feature

To manage which friends can see your location:
  1. Tap on More from the menu  or See More
  2. Tap Nearby Friends
  3. Tap  in the top right
  4. Tap Friends to choose which friends to share your location with using lists

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