Best Places To Hang Out To Celebrate Christmas In Nigeria

Merry Christmas to everybody reading this article. This article will help you discover the best places in Nigeria that you can hang up to celebrate this year Christmas. Christmas will be full of fun for those who have the money to spend.

Nigeria has a lot of good places you can hang out and make the best of the celebration. We have compiled some best places for you to visit if you want to make the best of this Christmas season in Nigeria.

Check Out The Best Places To Hang Out For Christmas

Lagosians are you here, Lagos has a lot of places you can visit during this Christmas. Lagos is one of the beautiful state in Nigeria with a lot of beautiful places. life is sweet and fun in Lagos if you have the cash. You can visit many places to spend the money. Below are some of the best places you can hang out for Christmas


Have you ever being to beech in Lagos? Beaches still provide the best relaxation in Nigeria. you may want to celebrate your Christmas visiting one or two beeches in Lagos. Each beech you visit, the place has some good activities that can compliment the season for you. in fact, you management of those beaches have begun to put things together that will catch the attentions of the visitors. Family members, friends and lovers are always prefer to celebrate Christmas in beech. so let me give you some the beeches you can visit in Lagos:

Bar Beach

One of the best places to hang up for Christmas with your love ones is Bar Beech. The Bar Beach was a beach on the Atlantic Ocean along the shorelines of Lagos and situated at Victoria Island. if you have not be there before, find your way to Victoria Island then ask anybody for the location. it is the most popular beech in Nigeria. i promise, you will have a load of fun there.

Eleko beach

Just as Bar beach, Eleko beech provide a good place to hang up for Christmas with your love ones. Eleko beech is Located just 45 minutes drive from IkoyiEleko Beach is a palm-fringed beach with several small privately owned beach huts. Visitors can rent a beach hut for the day here, and get someone to make a barbecue for you. There is also a small local market selling interesting stuff like arts and crafts. You can either drive or hire a drop taxi to get there. You are going to have a basket full of fun there.

Suntan Beach

Suntan Beach is located at Located in Badagry, Lagos. it is covered with beautiful palm trees and huts for people to sit, eat and watch the ocean waves. The quietness is surreal and transports you to another world far away. This beach is a good place to be during this Christmas celebration.

Coconut Beach

Another beautiful beach you visit to celebrate your Easter is coconut beach. Coconut beach is located ion the coastal town of Badagry, west of Lagos State.The beautiful beach surrounded by coconut trees is about twenty miles towards Nigerian Border and the Republic of Benin. Accessible through Lagos-Badagry expressway, Coconut Beach is surrounded by holiday resorts where revelers could refresh while visiting the beach. You can hang out for Christmas here.

Elegushi Beach

To get the best out of this Christmas you may also visit Elegushi beach. The hot, sandy, beautiful oasis located at Ikate Elegushi bus stop is a 2km drive from Lekki/Epe Expressway. Though it is not the cleanest of beaches in Lagos, it remains one of the most patronized beaches. Elegushi offers a mix of music, food, beautiful scenery of water.

2. Amusement Parks.

Another best place you can celebrate your Christmas is amusement park. There are various amusement parks in Nigeria yo can visit to have full Easter fun.

Apapa Amusement park Lagos

You may want to seek your fun to this beautiful amusement park in Apapa Lagos. One of the best place to celebrate Christmas.


This is another best place to hang up for Christmas celebration. The expansive and multi-purpose Oakland Amusement Park, Enugu is reputed to be the only one of its kind in the entire South-East and South-South region of Nigeria.

There are so many amusement parks in Nigeria. Visit choose the best for yourself.

3. Cinemas

Visiting cinema is another best place to celebrate Christmas. You and love ones can visit cinema to watch a movies. Some of them are:

Silverbird Cinemas

If you are in Lagos, you can have a full fun at the Silverbird cinemas. Abuja residence can visit the one at Abuja.

Others are Ozone Cinemas, Lagos mainland, Filmhouse Cinemas, Apapa, Lagos, Nollywood Cinemas, Eti Osa, Lagos, and others.

For Port Harcourt residents, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, 5 Cinema 9ja, Genesis Delux Cinema, Silverbird Cinemas, Icinema and others are there to show their desire movies. Ibadan residents may visit Odion Cinemas, Electro-Inspire Book Store and Cinema, the Ventura Mall and others might just be their choice. Enugu residents might just visit Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, God’s Creative Theatre production. While Kano residents might visit Filmhouse Cinemas, Zoo road, Kano.

In every States of the federation, there must be cinemas for lovers of movies

4. Shopping Malls

Christmas celebration and fun may not be completed without visiting a shopping Mall. We have so many Shopping Malls in Nigeria that you can visit. Some of them are

Lekki Peninsula mall

The Peninsula Mall is situated on the intersection of the Lekki-Epe Expressway and Springville road, the latter being one of the key north-south routes planned for the development of the Lekki peninsula. you can visit this beautiful mall during your Christmas celebration.

Others Shopping Malls in Nigeria are: Ado Bayero Mall, Kano, Ikeja Shopping mall, Lagos; Capital mall, Abuja; Portharcourt mall, Port Harcourt; Benin City mall, Benin city, Ibadan mall, Ibadan, Abia mall, Umuahia; Polo park mall, Enugu, Kwara mall, Ilorin; Palm shopping mall, Lagos; Delta city mall; Onitsha mall.

5. Recreational Parks

Another best place to celebrate hang out for Christmas is by visiting some beautiful recreational parks. There are so many beautiful recreational parks in Nigeria you can visit. Some of them are:

Abuja International Horticultural garden

An amusement park/ horticultural center to have fun with the kids or take a ride of your own or if you just want to laze under the trees in the garden.

Others are Scenario Amusement park, Abuja International Horticultural garden, Samkol Garden, Dy Entertainment Naija, Orbit gardens and park, Wuse II, Abuja; Total fun Plannet and resort International, Ibadan, Land of Xtreme, Delta State, Emrald Amusement park, Abeokuta, Badagry Recreational park and other parks are good places to visit during this Easter period.

 6. Mountain and Resorts

Mountain and Resorts are beautiful places to experience nature in the real sense during this Easter season. Nigerians and tourists may catch fun in these sites during this season. You can visit any of them to experience good fun of Christmas celebration.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River State

Obudu Mountain Resort is in Cross River State situated close to the border of Cameroon and is reached from Lagos by plane. Obudu Mountain Resort provides accommodation in the form of African round huts and chalets on stilts maximising the breathtaking views. You will have a fun fill Christmas celebration if you visit this place.

Others Mountain and Resorts in Nigeria are:; Erin-Ijesha Water falls in Osun State, Idanre Hills, Natural Springs at Yankari’s games reserve, Bauchi; Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort in Ekiti State, Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State etc.

7. Cultural Centers and Museum

A visit to Cultural centres and Museums during Easter could also make the season a memorable one. Some cultural centers and museum you can visit in Nigeria are:

National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos

One of the best place to celebrate your Christmas is to visit National Arts theatre. Constructed in 1976, National Arts Theatre, which hosted the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977, is a multi-purpose national monument for the preservation, presentation and promotion of Nigerian arts and culture.

Others Cultural Centers and Museum in Nigeria are:

Mbari Cultural Centre

Situated at Ikenegbu in central Owerri, Mbari, Owerri, Mbari cultural centre is a traditional arts and crafts center retained by the Imo State council for Arts and Culture.

National War Museum Umuahia

National War Museum Amafor Isingwu Umuahia is a museum set up to exhibit relics used during Nigeria’s Civil war of 1967. The museum has the largest collection of the Nigerian civil war weapons that are no longer in used. The weapons are from both the Nigerian military and the defunct Biafra. It is a perfect way to gain firsthand knowledge of the civil war, a huge part of Nigeria’s history. It is certainly a place to go.

Ogbunike Cave

The Ogbunike Cave is a major tourist site in Eastern Nigeria situated in a valley behind the Ogba Hills, Anambra State. A UNESCO heritage site, the cave consists of a network of sandstone chambers and tunnels, and is regarded as one of Nigeria’s greatest geographical masterpiece.

Mungo Park House

Mungo Park House, also known as National Museum, Asaba is tucked behind the Delta State High Court and the state Library Board complex along Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State Nigeria.

Awhum Waterfall & Cave

Located at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi local government area. Awhum waterfall and Cave is as a popular tourist site in Enugu, Nigeria. A result of a titanic outcrop of granite rock with water tumbling from the top to form a stream, the waterfall is beautiful at any time of the year. While a section of the waterfall is always warm through the season, the water is said to be therapeutic (healing power) and capable of vanquishing evil forces, wherever it’s sprinkled

Now you have them, you can select where best suitable for you to hang out during this Christmas celebration


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