Benue State plans mass burial for slained villagers of herdsmen attack

Three-day mourning was commenced on Tuesday before the mass burial of over 50 people killed in a violent attack perpetrated by herdsmen in the north-central state of Benue.

A government official source reported that a mass burial will be held on Thursday for the victims of the attack in Logo and Guma communities in Benue.

The Killings after the New Year in Benue, before this deadly attack there has been series of attack within the region and other cities where relations between herdsmen and farmers remained tense.

According to the state government, Thursday has been declared a work-free day in Benue to enable workers to attend the funeral of the victims.

On Tuesday, President Buhari in response to the attack has ordered the Inspector General of Police,Ibrahim Idris to relocate to the Benue state and intensify police activities within the state.

The Police force public relation officer confirmed the redeployment in a statement, saying its chief, Ibrahim Idris, will relocate to Benue state to restore law and order and forestall the crisis from escalating.

National police spokesman Jimoh Moshood said “more units of the police special forces, counter-terrorism units, and conventional policemen had already been deployed to the state to comply in totality with the presidential order.”

“The full weight of the law will be applied to anyone arrested for being responsible for the mayhem in the affected areas in the state,” Moshood said.

With police investigation eight suspects have been arrested so far by the local police following the bloody incident.

Moses Yamu, the spokesman for the state police, said the suspects, all herdsmen, had made confessions to the security agency.

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