Be Warned: Your SIM Will Be Barred By NCC Unless You Comply With These New NCC Policies

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has come out with new policies that will prevent Nigerians from owning 3 SIMs. If you are unaware you better get it now, the new sim registration review will help to combat insecurity and other illegal activities.

The federal Government of Nigeria in an attempt to eradicate the incessant killings and kidnapping in the country, has directed the NCC to immediately revealed the policy of SIM registration to prevent anybody from registering more than two SIM.

Now if you own more than two SIMs, your service provider will have to block from their service.

One of the most important thing you should also know about this police is that you will need to provide National Identity Number (NIN) before you can register any network. And those of you that have already registered. You are not left out of this police, you need to update your registration details with your National Identity Number (NIN).

Now you have until December 31st 2020 to do so. Also remember if you are a foreigner you can only registered new SIM with your passport and your visa.

Don’t say you did not hear, so share to your friends and family.


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