#BBNaijaReunion Drama: Seyi And Tacha Fight After Seyi Refers To Tacha As a Puta “Prostitute” (Video)

Drama in Big Brother Naija reunion show as Seyi and Tacha fight a dirty fight. Seyi uncontrollably called Tacha Puta.

Both Seyi and Tacha were perceived to be friend and be a good time but things turned bad yesterday at the BBNaijaReunion show when two of them came down heavily on each other. This has generated a heated debate in the house. Let hear some of the reactions from other housemates before we check what Nigerians are saying about this.

Nigerians drag Seyi on Twitter after calling Tacha a Puta which mean prostitute.

Let read some of the comment on the social media.

@Jachima she wrote: Omg I love it. Tacha is speaking nothing but facts & expressing her feelings today. It might not be in the perfect way, but Seyi saw her as a sex object & slut shamed her, calling her puta. And he was meant to be her friend. He betrayed that friendship.


You confidently called mercy a runs girl now you are still pained seyi called you puta Beetch sit your fluctuating a$$ down! #BBNaijaReunion.

Wellllll… Tacha can’t be telling seyi how to treat people when she literally treated people like trash and was insulting them up and down too. But in all honesty, seyi fucked up when he called her puta. #BBNaijaReunion

Seyi called Tasha puta. She called Mercy Ashawo, who subsequently showed her flames and sent her packing. She insulted everyone in the house.

I can never feel sorry for her. no matter how hard she tries to spin this. Walk the talk honey. #BBNaijaReunion

Seyi is very rude.

All through Tacha’s time she never insulted him. She stated her points like matured person despite the fact she was the one that was called a hoe.

Even if Seyi isn’t going to man up and apologise can’t he at least talk without being rude!

I’m not a fan of Tacha, absolutely didn’t like her attitude in the house but Seyi chose to be her friend & I was disappointed that he betrayed her when he wished for a 3rd strike so she’ll be disqualified. No matter what, you don’t wish for your friend’s downfall #BBNaijaReunion

Seyi apologized for calling you a Puta.
Now Tacha you couldn’t even use this opportunity to tender an apology back to Seyi for the things you said too! You even denied the terrible shit you said about Venita and found it really hard to apologize. Tueh! #BBNaijaReunion



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