BBNaija: Princess losses Her Mind Over Bed Space

For Princess it seems she did not smart enough to get bed space. She lost her mind and blew hot.

Despite a grand welcome to the House this morning, tensions broke out early as Princess became enraged over not getting a bedspace and a certain Housemate refusing to share it with her. The House is only equipped with 20 beds, which unfortunately won’t be enough to accommodate all 22 Housemates. It implied that a couple must share their bedspace because of this inadequacy.

While explaining to Jaypaul why she was upset, Princess said she had her eyes set on a bedspace she really liked but she couldn’t have it because another Housemate claimed ownership of it.

Hoping to reach an amicable settlement, she said she said she jokingly asked him to share the bed with her, but he said no. She was taken aback by the firm ‘No’ she got because she expected that Housemates should be willing to share theirbed spaces in Biggie’s House seeing as there weren’t sufficient beds.

She expressed her disgust, saying she didn’t expect a guy to act this way and could have easily let it go if he was adamant about not sharing with her.

She immediately dispelled the notion that sharing the bed with him meant she wanted to sleep with him, exclaiming “who the hell are you?”

She failed to get a bed space on her second attempt, because the other bed she went for also belonged to another person, and so she could not acquire that either. Jaypaul explained that he understood her frustration because she didn’t like being bullied. On a bright note, Jackie B was willing to share her bedspace with her.

Opening up about having anger issues, Princess explained that she has been attending management classes due to her hot temper.

According to her, she has been managing her anger for the past few months, which is why she was a bit chilled. According to her, the situation could have spiraled out of control if she weren’t managing her rage effectively. She expressed that she really wanted to live in peace with her Housemates cause she always vibes well with people, but she won’t force a relationship with someone who wasn’t going to vibe with her.


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