Back to school: Where to get your children Education Materials

It September 10. Children are back to school. Parents are to cater for their Children education materials. Students will need school bags, textbook, writing materials, Mathematical sets etc.

It is the beginning of the new academic calendar. Teachers will have to monitor your children and ensure that they have the required materials to kick start the session.

School resumes all over Nigeria, parents are to prepare their children for the task ahead of the new academic year.

List of Education materials and where to get them.

If you don’t get what you want from your environment. You can search online to get your children education materials. I am going to provide a link where you can make a quick search of what you want.

List of education Materials in Nigeria.

The search covers the major cities in Nigeria. You can also get their phone number, call to other any time and day in the comfort of your home.

You can link to Vconnect and they will connect you to the dealers of those educational materials.

Resumption Materials for Students

  1. Textbook: You can check the list of required textbooks for both Primary and secondary school in Nigeria.
  2. Exercise books: You can get that in your environment.
  3. School Bags
  4. Mathematical Set
  5. Others

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