Attack on NUJ: Bauchi APC youth wing disown thugs


The adolescent wing of the Bauchi State All Progressive Congress has censured the assault on the secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) by some punks suspected to be faithful to the gathering while additionally likewise separating from their exercises.

my state news had provided details regarding Thursday how a few hooligans raged the NUJ secretariat and upset a continuous public interview being held by some factional chieftains of the gathering where they likewise harmed two writers. Responding to the episode, the Secretary of the APC Youth Parliament, Nasiru Cigari, in a public statement gave on Saturday denounced the conduct of the hooligans and separated the young wing from the demonstration.

“We wish to denounce in solid terms and by a similar token separate ourselves from the said disturbance of the question and answer session suspected to have occurred at the NUJ secretariat Bauchi.

As included in the reportage of certain news sources, the disturbance was supposed to be a gathering issue where a group inside the APC upholding the disintegration of state Exco were assaulted, yet this is a harm by deceitful individuals who take on the appearance of gathering individuals to dishonor the well deserved notoriety of gathering faithfuls.

“The young people parliament assembled dependably that, it was a battle between some displeased components inside the gathering attempting to share the cash given to them to cause rancur inside the gathering. In their endeavor to gather some portion of the returns, the battle ejected.

We the inexhaustible APC youth parliament over the state are well behaved, by precursor we have never been found in such disgraceful act and it will never be a piece of our character. “It is in the light of the over that we wish to emphasize our firm and open help to the Bauchi state APC administration under the capable chairmanship of Our determined pioneer Uba Ahmad Nana.

We in this way approach all APC individuals over the state to keep up the beat as decent residents and stay focused on the beliefs of the gathering for the general advancement of the express”, the announcement peruses.

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