Atiku presents Diploma as his highest qualification to INEC

Atiku Abubakar who is the candidate of the People Democratic Party PDP has submitted all the required documents to the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC.

Atiku credentials were made available to newsmen. Mystatenews scanned through the two leading political candidates credentials.

The PDP candidate Atiku submitted all the relevant document, having a Diploma in Law in 1969 from the Ahmadu Bello University being his highest qualification. APC candidate Muhammadu Buhari filed an affidavit indicating that all his documents are with the Military.

The constitution of Nigeria has clearly stated the minimum educational qualification of who become Nigeria President. Atiku with just a diploma certificate as his highest qualifications may have passed the INEC screening being the lowest qualification to run for the president.

Will you blame the presidential candidates or inefficiency in the Nigeria constitution.

According to the 1999 Constitution, section 131 of which provides:

“A person shall be qualified for election to the office of President if –

(a) he is a citizen of Nigeria by birth;

(b) he has attained the age of forty years;

(c) he is a member of a political party and is sponsored by that political party; and

(d) he has been educated up to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent.”

The amendment deletes the words “school certificate level or its equivalent” in section 131(d), and substitutes therefor “tertiary level and obtained the relevant certificates” (italicized to emphasise that the certificate is thereby made a constitutional requirement, thus changing the Supreme Court decision in Suswam’s Case.)

It then goes on to define in section 318(1), as amended, the term to mean:

“(a) Ordinary National Diploma or its equivalent; or

(b)Nigerian Certificate in Education or its equivalent; or

(c)Higher School Certificate or its equivalent; or

(d)Advanced School Certificate or its equivalent; or

(e) Higher National Diploma or its equivalent.”

Judging by the amendment, Atiku also qualifies to run for the president having possessed Diploma in law.

The fact remains that Diploma or school certificate should not be considered as a minimum education requirement in Nigeria where we place education as a priority in job seeking.

  1. This constitution should be amended.



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