Atiku launches presidential bid vows to defeat Buhari

Atiku launches presidential bid: The former vice President of Nigeria and PDP aspirant Atiku Abubakar has vowed to defeat the incumbent President Buhari in 2019 presidential election. Atiku who formally launched the presidential bid revealed that he will reclaim the victory what belongs to PDP.

Atiku Abubakar who reunited back to the People Democratic Party PDP and obtained the party form to contest the 2019 election.

Atiku launches presidential bid

The former vice president formally launched his bid for the party’s presidential ticket for next year’s election said the PDP would revamp the economy, re-unite the country and secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

Atiku launches presidential bid vows to defeat Buhari in a 17-line speech in which he aimed barbs at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and  appealed   to “all of you wherever you may be that it is time to now re-embrace the party that has given us unity, prosperity and security in this country.”

He said the APC government has failed, “to unite Nigerians. Today we are more divided than in any time in the history of this country.”

Economic growth, according to him has gone down to less than 2% from 7%, adding: “Today we are witnessing the most insecure situation in Nigeria ever since APC took over.

“More people have died in Nigeria under the APC than in Iran and Afghanistan. Is that what you want?

“Today we have the highest unemployment rate in this country. More than 10 million of our people have been made unemployed under the watch of the APC administration. Is that what you want?

“Now what the PDP is going to do is to restore our economy, to unite our country, to ensure we have security of lives and property.

“My fellow brothers and sisters of Adamawa State, it’s time we take back our state PDP! Power!”


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