Atiku and Fayose in 2019 – has Igbo Marginalized

Atiku and Fayose in 2019 – has Igbo Marginalized. If the rumour circulating on social media comes true. What will be the fate of Ndigbo in 2019. Will Ndigbo continue or stop the feeling of marginalisation. Why is PDP also thinking in that direction of fielding Atiku and Fayose in 2019.

There is no doubt that Ndigbo love PDP, what will now be their gain of fighting to have PDP in power if the party does not count them worthy even as a vice President. PDP may be digging their grave if they go ahead to pick Akitu and Fayose.

Atiku and Fayose in 2019 – has Igbo Marginalized

Ndigbo still feel the pain of lossing 2017 Presidential election to All Progressives congress APC. They hate the fact the Bihari won the election as Northern candidate.

The agitation of Biafra increased after 2015 general election. No Ndigbo hide the feeling of hate for Buhari. Some hate him with passion.

When PDP is planning to settle for Atiku and Fayose in 2019. Will it solve the agitation of Biafra or solve the problem of marginalisation.

No Igbo has given me concrete reasons why they hate Buhari with passion. Comparing Buhari and Osinbajo with Atiku and Fayose only the blind man will go for the Atiku.

Igbos have invested so much in PDP, they deserve at least vice President. PDP has shown the evidence of love of corruption that is why they will always look for the most corrupt individual as their leader.

If PDP is eventually pick Atiku and Fayose in 2019 they have failed before arrival.



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