Tips and tricks you probably did not know about your Android phone

Want to maximize your Android phone use, this tips  and tricks will help you master this awesome Google powered device.

Your Android phone is an excellent device imbibed with awesome tips and tricks. Forget all about the Android versus iPhone debate that is eternally on the rumble. It is time to enjoy your Android to this maximum. You should know that this Google powered device has so much hidden within its settings button that you probably had know idea about.

Tips and tricks for your Android phone
Tips and tricks for your Android phone

In this article, i will be sharing with you 8 tips and tricks to enjoy your Android phone on a maximum edge.  But first before we start, it is important we specify that many of this features only work on the Android 7.0 Nougat and above. Lower Android devices may have some of them but not all of it.

Also, menus may differ slightly but the result is still the same

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Tips and Tricks for your Android phone- Get started!

  1. Cast the Screen of your Android phone

Did you know that you can cast your Android phone or tablet to display to a larger screen of a television that uses a Chromecast. Yes you can, in addition to a beaming video from your usual TV apps, this streaming device in your TV can mirror your phone.  To take advantage of this , go to the quick settings at the top of your screen and find the cast option in the menu.

If you do not find it there, then visit this link to install the Google Home app for Android.

Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and tap the cast screen and pick your chromecast. What is displayed on your device, should instantly be displayed on the bigger screen.

      2. Run apps Side by Side

Have you heard of the split screen feature, yes, your Android 7.0 Nougat such as your TECNO Spark  or other phones in that category will give you this feature effortlessly. This is so handy when you wish to display two apps side by side or maximize your social networking but it doesn’t work well for gaming.

To set this up on your Android phone:Tap your “Overview” ( the square button below the screen) button  and pick your recently used apps. Now hold and drag the app’s title bar or the top of the display of this app. Now you can choose to open an app alongside at the empty part of your screen and enjoy.

In addition, you can easily double tap rather than single tap on the overview button to quickly switch between two apps you have been using more recently.

     3. Make text and images more visible

When struggle to view the content on your Android phone and certain apps may not be responsive to adjustments such as zoom in or zoom out, you can simply change the font size settings in your Android settings button. Go to Setting, navigate to the Display menu and tap the Font size link. You can now make your font size to any way you want.

    4. Change Volumes settings independently

Your Android phone is programmed to use four independent buttons for different kinds of audio including ring notifications, alarms, phone calls and media. All you have to do is go to the settings menu, select Sounds then tap volume and you can pick the independent sliders to set your desired tone.

An easy way to navigate this has been provided on your Android phone,all you have to do is simply tap and hold the volumes button on the side of your Android phone. when you see the pop up screen, look to one end of it, you will find an arrow. Now drop down the arrow to view all the volumes and pick the one you wish to increase or decrease.

    5. Lock phone browsers inside one app

Sometimes when you lend a phone to your friend or young one, they forget about the reasons why you lent the phone in the first place and begin to search for private information or access to your social messaging apps. What do you do?

No worries, your Android phone has features to curb this prying eyes. You can simply screen pin the exact app you wish that they only access and others will be instantly locked from view. That is, they cannot access any other area of your Android phone.

To set this up, all you need do is go to settings and then to security. Scroll down the menu to enable screen pining. Once you have turned it on. launch the app you wish your friend to use. Then open overview by clicking the square button below your screen, on the windows of the recently opened app, you will see a pin icon at the lower right hand corner. Click it to pin the app to your screen.

6. Disable the lock screen at home

Naturally, using a fingerprint, pass-code or PIN keeps your device safe, but this can be a pain if you need to have easy access to certain areas of your phone without having to click in the codes.

With Google smart lock, another lovely feature in your Android phone, you can have instant access but this only works when you are safely at home.

‘To set this, tap security and the smart lock, Now set it to disable lock screen when you are at home using one of the three settings giving to you. Those three settings will help your phone recognize that you are now at home.

7. Tweak the Status Bar

Your Android device has a status bar  that displays notifications on your screen. such as your battery life, current signal strength and other little icons. You should now that their is a hidden bar that lets you activate the “Do not Disturb mode & notifications”

To enable this mode, swipe down the top of your screen with two fingers to show the Quick settings dashboard. Now locate the settings app and press to hold for some seconds. You will see a dialogue box, showing that you have successfully enabled settings UI.

Now go to the Settings menu and then you will see a new menu entry called “Systems UI turner”. Tap on it to choose status bar to control which icons from Bluetooth mode to battery levels to control what gets’ viewed on your status bar.

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8. Bring back lost notifications

These lovey tips and tricks will help you enjoy your Android phone a little more. If you accidentally swiped off notifications that you wanted to read fully or you got a notification that you are not sure it was there in the first place. You can get it all back though i bet on your own, you may not have found this feature before now.

What you do is tap and hold an empty part of your home screen and then the screen adjusting mode that pops up as well. Now choose widgets and find the settings shortcut. drag this icon to an empty space on your home screen and drop it in place. A lit will automatically pop up, you can now choose a Notification log from the list and tap the icon to open up  your Android phone notification log.

And there you have it, tips and tricks to help you enjoy your Android phone a whole lot more than before. feel free to share your discovered tricks with us.

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