Abule Ado Explosion: Three People Confirm Dead and 52 hospitalized

The explosion that rocked the Abule Ado has reported claimed three lives and about 52 people are receiving treatment in the hospital.

A TVC reporter Sarah Ayeku who spoke with the TV station narrated everything that has happened. She said the authority will carry out a thorough investigation to the incident. Right now what we are seeing three people already dead and a lot of people are admitted into the Naval hospital.

There are no persons under the Rubble at Bethlehem College, the unconfirmed reports has it that some people are saying that they can still hear voices in the buildings that collapsed. The equator is here now, hopefully there will do not other person’s even if they find anybody that they will be able to save those forces but when we got to the hospital we understand that three persons were brought in a dead by the emergency responders.

One of them is the principal of the Bethlehem Girls College and other female was also confirmed that who was also a member of staff of the school. we do not know the identity of the third person. So there from there to understand that they are expecting that anybody looking for anybody in this area should probably go to the hospital to check if their relatives are in the hospital.



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