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mystatenews.com is an online news carrying the news across the Nation of Nigeria. Breaking the news making around each state of Nigeria. Breaking news in Nigeria politics, business, entertainment, Education, job, gossip etc.

Mystatenews.com reports local news across the states and local government of Nigeria. The crass-root news that people may not ordinarily have access to. Mystatenews also reviews the latest headlines news in Nigerian newspapers in a view to bring all news closer to our readers.

Our team of Editorial team are dedicated to bring quality and timely news coverage to Nigerians in a view to keep me informed.

Our style of writing is unique because of our technology know how.

Mystatenews.com Editorial team

Who are responsible for writing our contents.

Omtimehin Nelson – Publisher

Obiakor Godwin – Editor

Omotimehin Esther – Senior Asst. Editor

Adefemi Babajide – Asst. Editor

Alo James – Asst. Editor (Entertainment)

Tunde Omotimehin – Reporter

christiana ezioma – Reporter

Adams Tadese– Reporter

Sales/Marketing Communications

Christiana Ezioma

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