Aboto Community, the history, the crisis and the victory

Aboto is a community in ilaje local government area of Ondo state. For all indications Aboto is a town in Mahin land with Igbokoda, Atijere, Orerare,etc. infact Aboto is in Mahin ward 3 with Igbokoda and Orerara in the political zone. Aboto is land bless with good natural resources with hospitality people.

Aboto is the most peace community God ever created, loving people, and compassionate individual. The youth are full of respect for their elders. It has been said in the neighbouring town that there is no place like Aboto. People in Aboto are primary Mahin descendant “Idiogbe” before they arrival other descendants namely Okohi,(aragbuwa ) Aheri (akinte) for which are son and brother of the first Olugbo. There three major street in Aboto namely Idiogbe, Aragbuwa and Akinte. In 1885 a treaty of friendship and protection was signed in Aboto for all mahin towns and all the chiefs in major Mahin towns appointed by Amapetu signatory to it. Those who had their signature are Ashogbon a chief of Mahin, Olowofokun a chief of Igbo-egunrin, Imi Dipe a chief of Ipare, Oreofe a chief of Gbekun, Arayi a chief of ABOTO, Akala a chief of Mahin, Idiogbe a chief of ABOTO and Oge a chief of Mahin. Neither Okohi nor Aheri present or have their signature to the treaty.

In 1897, the government gazette, the colony of Lagos, a legislative council meeting held at government house, on the 20th April, 1897 at 3p.m. during this meeting a durbar was granted to a native kings and chiefs at the Glover memorial hall. Idiogbe the father of the present Alaboto of Aboto elect was among of the chiefs received the medal being the oloja of Aboto, the medal is still available today.

During the reign of Idiogbe as oloja of Aboto a lot of things were representing to him by government of Lagos colony (then Ilaje was yet to be incorporated in the ondo province.) raging from staff of office, sword, medals etc all of these are still kept today, all in the hand of Alaboto elect who now wait the staff of office from Ondo state government. See their picture below;

The medal presented by Queen Elizabeth in 1897.

A stall of office presented to Idiogbe , the oloja of Aboto father of the present Alaboto elect.

The sword presented to Idiogbe, oloja of Aboto, father of the present Alaboto elect.

Picture of Alaboto elect Beniah Adeola Idiogbe during the traditional rites in Mahin. He awaits the staff of office from ondo state government. At this junction I employ his excellence Dr Olusegun Mimiko to speed up the process of staff of office in order to calm the crisis in Aboto.

The arrival of okohi in Aboto.

Okohi arrival to Aboto can be traced from Ugbo history,oronmaken, with the two full brother Aheri and Olikan and a number of chiefs connected with the cult of oro, continued towards the sea until at ugbo he saw a ghostly figure, the sign his father had told him to expect. At ugbo, which means journey’s end, oronmaken prepared the necessary for the sacred oro staff, drums and bells.

Oronmaken’s two brothers aheri and olikan, Olikan, after the quarrel with his nephew, oronmaken’s son OKOHI, move westward from ugbo and establised himself on the coast. Some of other practitioners of oro left Ugbo founded their own towns.

The descendants of one now being Alara, also settled in what is now Ikale country. At Erinje, where his descendants bear the same title and as oro priests, a second ranks to oloja. Others spread along the lagoons towards Epe, one of them, Owolijogun, returning to Ipare on the Alape lagoon near Ihapen. The descendants of Okohi move towards Mahin district, move to Aboto, Igbo-egunrin and Igbokoda which are all predominantly Mahin towns.

Now to be sincere, Aboto for all indications is  Mahin land, if Okohi Can’t lay claim of Igbo-egunrin and Igbokoda, they have no right to claim Aboto.

For extend of causing a lot of blood shed in Aboto since the issue of chieftaincy title raised. Ever since they have undermined the peace we enjoy in Aboto. They have become terrorist in the community killing and burning houses belonging to the real indigene of Aboto.

The Title

Okohi the descendant of Ugbo laid claim in Aboto. In their claim, Aboto is okohi land and they are intending to install oba at Aboto. They title it as Olukohi of Aboto. They have appointed different people as olukohi of Aboto elect starting from one Agoba to Omolere and present Ofoaye Oyetayo both of them have caused a lot of havoc in the community. Lives have been lost; houses has been burnt by each of Olukohi elect and their supporters.

According to the tradition of Aboto. Only the descendant of Mahin could be king in Aboto and I will also suggest to okohi people that if there would any Olukohi it will not be in Aboto they should traced thier origin and be king there not in mahin land. Maybe Olukohi of Okohi will sound better in Okohi land because the only title recogniced in Aboto is Alaboto of Aboto not Olukohi of Aboto as being paraded by Okohi people. Amapetu (king of Mahin land) is the only king has right to appoint Oba in Aboto not Olugbo and Beniah Adeola Idiogbe (son of first Oloja of Aboto) has been appointed as oloja of Aboto by Amapetu. And he is being collecting salaries from ilaje local government since 2002.

At the state executive council, after it meeting on March 22, 2007 upgrading the Oloja of Aboto to Alaboto of Aboto. And announced the approval of Alaboto of Aboto as a Full fledged Oba and ilaje local government have also recognized Beniah Adeola Idiogbe as the Alaboto elect. The tradition rites have just recently performed at Mahin and all Mahin indigenes  use this medium to appeal to the state government to speed up the process of stall of office. To be candid, the only title recognize in Aboto is Alaboto of Aboto not olukohi of Aboto.

The Genesis of the Crisis.

Appointment of Agoba as Olukohi Elect.

  As a child growing up in Aboto I never at anytime hear the name Agoba. I never witness any division in Aboto until Agoba arrived. He came to Aboto called the elders in Aboto for meeting. He addressed them and makes his intention to become Olukohi of Aboto known. Some elders in Aboto which of Mahin descendant kicked against him. in their word only Mahin descendant could be king in Aboto. And Beniah Idiogbe has been appointed as Oloja of Aboto.Those of okohi family gladly received him. So there was division among the people. That was the beginning of the crisis. The meeting was held at the house of Ofoaye, a chief appointed by late oloja of Aboto, Ojo, to head okohi family in Aboto. Since then okohi have bitterness against Idiogbe family. Agoba and his supporters have made a lot of trouble against Idiogbe family.

Crisis arises from the death of one Omotehinse in Aboto.

One fateful day this man went for fishing only to be slumped and die at the process. His corpse was found by some Irobo taping palm-wine. The news was brought to his family. They  rush to the scene found his corpse completely without any sign of attack but on their way back home they ( I mean okohi family) decided to use the dead man as case against Idiogbe, they decided to cut the dead man into pieces planting some bullets on him. They committed a lot of atrocities in the man. They later broke the news that Idiogbe have murder the man.  All Okohi family rises up against Idiogbe. They attacked them with dangerous weapons, destroyed their houses, dragged then from Aboto to Igbokoda without first involving the police. Many were beaten to the point of death before getting to Igbokoda. At Igbokoda they now involved the police. And the case was taking to court. So Idiogbe family was arrested for murder case. A crime they did not commit. They were taking from one prison to another: from Igbokoda to okitipupa and from there to Kogi. Police have to do their investigation. They suffer the innocent people before they finished the investigation. The doctor report revealed that the man was not shot and machete has reporting by the complaint. Thank God for doctor report. Also the investigation that was conducted at Aboto in house of one elderly man, the oldest man in the community and it happens to be an Okohi family. The head pastor of cherubim and sharaphim church(C&S) in Aboto Mr. Menukuro, without missing word or taking side, he narrated everything that happen telling the whole true. This man saved the lives of innocent people. He is dead now but he owns Idiogbe family a lot of gratitude, May his soul rest in perfect peace. Since they have been proving innocent they were released from detention. Then Idiogbe family decided not to charge them for tarnishing their image, they leave them for God to judge.

 For all indication okohi people have the highest criminal instinct I never seen. They accumulated a lot of ammunitions raging from guns, bullets; axes etc. since then Idiogbe have been harassed by their ammunitions. And governments have done nothing about it.

The announcement of Beniah Adeola Idiogbe as an Alaboto of Aboto Elect by the State government. 2007. Crisis arises.

Beniah Idiogbe was announced by Ondo state government in 2007 as an Alaboto of Aboto elect. His excellence late Dr. Olusegun Agagu made the announcement after the state executive meeting. We were so glad to receive news everybody was in celebration mood to hear what we are being agitating for since 2002 or beyond. The news went round the local government that a new Oba will be instilled. The tradition rites were about to be performed when the opposition arises. okohi people objected to the announcement of  Beniah Adeloa Idiogbe as Alaboto of Aboto but instead of pursuing  their grievances in the court of law they went ahead to do it in their own way. Let me tell you some hiding true about okohi people in Aboto. They appear to have the highest criminal instinct in the whole of ilaje. They have a house where ammunitions are kept ( guns in difference rounds with bullets)  there key actors are Ofoayes, Abayomi, Ofuhi and Oyetayo who recently declared himself as Olukohi elect. Thesr three guys are inborn criminals, they influenced other member of okohi people, they taught them how to kill, how to use gun. A lot of criminal activities were performed by this people every blessed day in Aboto.

The following day after Beniah Idiogbe was announced by the state government, okohi called for an emergence meeting. In their meeting they resolved that since Idiogbe has being announced, they have to destroy Aboto. They called all their supporters around the neigbouring villages. They prepared for real war against Idiogbe family in Aboto.

People in Aboto, by that time, hear the news that they want to burn Aboto but the news was regarded as a rumour until it happened. Okohi people war against Idiogbe which never expect even a fight against them, they were still in celebration mood when Okohi attacked them with all weapons you can think of: guns, cutlasses, axes, fire etc it was around 8pm on that fateful day. A day I will never forget in hurry, okohi people and their supporters attacked each house belonging to Idiogbe family burning down all the houses. They killed anybody found in the house. Infact about 100 houses were burnt into ashes. The most painful part of it is the killing of one key member of Idiogbe family. Mr Emehin. They killed him and carried his body away. till date we don’t see his body. As I writing now,  I am homeless, my father’s house was burnt down. My dad mansion. My father was attacked in that fateful day, beating almost to the point of death but God in his infinite mercy saved his live. Since I was born I never see that kind of bitterness against any human being. I can tell you categorically that no Idiogbe family can lay claim of home in Aboto right now, all were burnt down by okohi people.

A lot of criminal activities were performed in that night. But to my greatest surprise they were the first people to reach Igbokoda police station to make a complaint against Idiogbe. They carried a dead body killed by them and claimed Idiogbe had killed their people. In their statement they also said Idiogbe have burnt Aboto. I was surprised to hear that because how can Idiogbe burn their own houses and leave the house of their opponent. Those police at Igbokoda police station are biased they still own us a lot of apology. To cut the long story short, the true was revealed, they were defeated in court, again Idiogbe family decided not to revenge. We own Aboto and we cannot destroy what belong to us. Today most of us are yet to re-build our houses and we still rent an apartment at Igbokoda.

The Victory

The stall of office will be presented Beniah Igbiogbe at last. Announcing the presentation ceremony, the Alaboto elect, through his social media handle, he wrote: The entire people of Aboto Community, ilaje local government of Ondo State, cordially invites you all to the presentation of Instrument of Appointment & staff of office to His Royal Highness OBA BENIAH ADEOLA IDIOGBE, the Alaboto of Aboto (Idiogbe 1) by Mr Governor Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.
Date: Friday 20th December 2019
Time: 10:00am
@Alaboto palace, Aboto ilaje local government Ondo state. Come Let us celebrate royalty. Aboto will be great again!

Truly uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.


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