‘Abolishing SARS Is A Definite First Step But We Cannot Afford To Stop There’

I have taken the past week to gather my thoughts. I usually respond to these matters with my emotions and my frustrations. This time, I have chosen to ignore the attempts; well-meaning or derogatory to draw me out. This is not and should not be about me, it is about a fundamental problem that affects us all as Nigerians, as Africans, and as human beings.

Burna Boy

The state of our country, Nigeria is tricky, it has been from before I was born. My greatest concern out of all of this is that SARS will end now as it allegedly has several times in the past. I recall giving calls to end SARS during my USA tour in April 2019 and morphing it into a different entity down the line with a different form or a different name. In my opinion, abolishing the unit is a definite first step but we cannot afford to stop there.

The major issue is PROFILING. THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED BY BOTH THE AUTHORITIES AND THE CITIZENRY. IT SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME TO BE A YOUNG PERSON IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. The old adage that you cannot judge a book by its cover is a wise one.

The seriousness of recent events has required me to express my commitment to my people in the following format: 

1.Top of mind:

First and foremost, I applaud all of the Protesters exercising their rights to assemble and fight for justice.

2. Project Protect:

I have created a sub-fund under my charity -The Reach called (@projectprotectng) to help protesters that are wrongfully harmed/arrested by SARS during and after these protests. This is a fund for the people by the people.

3. Miseducation foundation:

This initiative will primarily be focused on the upward mobility of our community to give a voice and a platform. It will be a mix of sharing and providing educational/factual historical information to give perspective on the origins of our nation and our continent. We will also focus on providing broader platforms to amplify the Creative and tech community (no matter the field).

My music is my essence and it is primarily tor the empowerment of Nigerians and Africans. I have always and will always continue to use my voice tor this cause as I deem fit. Not because I am forced to but because I have chosen to.

Tiyamiu Kazeem, Isaac Mbge, lfeoma Abugu, Chibuike Anams, Christian Ugwuoke, Aneke Okorie, Tina Ezekwe, Solomon Eze, Ayomide Taiwo, Godspower Edoha, Kolade Johnson, Chinedu Meniru, Augustina Arebu, Tunde Nafiu, Ifeanyi Ozor and those whose names are not known. May they never be forgotten.

Be safe out there family.


Burna Boy.




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