A Christmas without rice, Nigerians lament

For Mrs. Evelyn Orji, a business woman in Sango area of Ogun state, eating rice during this Christmas season will be difficult.

No thanks to the hike in price of rice. Telling her story on how she would manage the little resources within her reach to celebrate the festive period, Mrs. Orji explained that, cooking rice for her children will be a difficult journey to embark on.

According to her, “Rice is very expensive in Nigeria and that is why it is very impossible to talk about rice let alone buying it for the children to eat during the festive season. Imagine, buying a bag of rice for N27, 000 which was the same amount used to buy 2bags last year. I do not know where to state and I am pretty sure that, many families will be facing this same problem in Nigeria as we speak.

For me, I have decided to substitute rice for yam. So, this festive period, we will be preparing pounded yam and soup or yam porridge with some chickens, our Christmas is secured. I will not bother myself on rice”, she said.

The truth is that, Mrs. Orji is not the only one with this notion. Average Nigerian families will probably be opting for other foodstuffs instead of rice.

Christmas is at the corner and one wonders if there will be any miracle before December 25, perhaps, the price of rice might drop for Nigerian families to be able to buy and cook for their loved ones.


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