‘A Better Time’ Album Review, from the biggest Davido fan you’ll ever meet 

Davido is back with A Better Time, his fourth studio album. From the days of ‘Aye’ and ‘Dami Duro,’ the Nigerian act has proved to be one of the most consistent hitmakers of the past decade.

It looks like ages ago, but it was just last year that he released his third studio album A Good Time. He’s now delivered what appears to be a much-deserved COVID-19 relief, to his community of fans. It’s nearing the end of 2020, a year of calamities, and we all should be grateful that Davido and his team are bringing us anthems that should usher in better days. 

A Better Time was due for release in July, but due to the pandemic, Davido took a break from social media and moved the release date of his album. As the recent protests against police brutality gained momentum, he spoke vocally in support of the #EndSARS movement and pushed his album’s release date yet again. 

I stayed up all night to listen as the album dropped, and I’ve been listening since. Now, let’s delve into my first thoughts.

If you know me, you’ll know I am the biggest Davido fan you’ll ever meet. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to pick my top five favourite songs from the album. It had me dancing all through! 

So instead of the usual five songs, let’s look at my top nine songs off the album. Enjoy!

  1. ‘Tanana’ ft Tiwa Savage

I don’t know if this song is giving me reggae vibes or old school dance vibes. But there’s something about the lyrics that makes it loveable. Tiwa Savage bodied her verse completely., ‘Bad nigga from Bariga, you wan play me like Laliga.’ Damn Tiwa!

I am looking forward to more songs from this duo. Enough of all that Wizkid-ish.

  1. ‘Heaven’

Okay, can we all admit that Davido outdid himself on this song? The beats on this song are really smooth. For me, this song is a standout on the album – it is even one of the few tracks he appears alone. 

Davido showcases growth in this sound and lyrics. I wouldn’t easily call this my fave, but the beat is everything for me. The saxophone, in the end, is mind-blowing!

  1. ‘FEM’

FEM dropped following Davido’s return to social media after some hiatus. I love the killer intro of this track.

This song served as one of the anthems of the #ENDSARS protest. ‘I dey live my life, man dey turn am to shoot on sight’ is definitely my favourite line.

  1. ‘Holy Ground’ ft Nicki Minaj

Why will Davido put Nicki and Speroachbeatz in one track! 

This song is absolute madness. Nothing beats Nicki Minaj saying ‘Naija to the world.’ I’m so impressed by the transition from her rap to singing. This is just loveable.

  1. ‘Very Special’

‘Very Special’ makes me want to believe in love all over again. 

This song took me back to the time of ‘Aye.’ The intro is everything. ‘Mo kan ma sope…’ is the line for me. If your lover plays this song for you, make sure you keep them! 

  1. ‘The Best’ ft Mayorkun

Mayorkun is a gem, we must protect him at all cost. Once I hear ‘Ge Ge’ on a track, I know it’s about to be madness. 

When Mayor said, ‘See I learned from the best oh, the best, Davido..’ I loved it. Is there a way I can play all the songs at once?

  1. ‘I Got A friend’ ft Mayorkun and Sho Madjozi

Wherever you put Mayorkun on a song, he is sure to deliver. I imagine that lots of groomsmen will be making a badass entrance into wedding receptions with this song.

Especially when Davido said, ‘I am here to introduce you to a couple of my friends.’

Whatever Sho Madjozi was saying, she killed it. The deep bass on this song makes it enjoyable and almost unreal. Each of the features bodied their verse wholesomely. We also see Davido taking a risk by stepping outside his comfort zone.

  1. ‘Jowo’

One of my top three faves. Although it is the second song on the album, this track is a certified banger. This song will have you crying at 2am praying to God to find true love. 

To whom it may concern, if you play ‘Jowo,’ for me, then I am all yours. The blend of bass and drums on this song gives it a perfect finish.

‘Look into my eyes oh baby, will you be my wife oh baby…’ I am definitely going back to this. I am in love!

  1. ‘La La’ ft Ckay

This has to be my personal favourite on the album. The bass, drums, and guitar on this song is fire. This song can make you forget everything you are doing and get in the groove. 

‘Selena lokosa ehh, Ah Lokosa, Awilo lokomba…’ is the line for me. I am about to rinse and repeat this song all over and again. There’s something about the beat and lyrics that make me want to dance so badly. This song is a vibe!

Overall Rating

This album is very good from top to finish. The production is lit. I feel Davido has gotten to

the point where he has silenced his haters, and they have no choice but to love him. 

Unlike other albums, this project fills you up as it doesn’t need to grow on you. Although there are some skips on the album, I can tell you for a fact that it was hard to pick my fave ‘cos there are a lot of excellent tracks on this project. Way to go, David!

Although it is a heavily collaborative album, everyone bodied their verses, without making Davido look bad. Then there is also something about the way Davido bodies South African beats. It’s mind-blowing.

I will rate this album a solid 8.5 out of 10. Don’t blame me – I’m just a shameless fan.

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