It’s unconstitutional for state to make pension laws— Rights group

The Centre for Human and Socio-economic Rights, CHSR, a non-governmental enterprise, NGO, has called for the repeal of Lagos nation Governor and Deputy Governors Pension law, 2007, mentioning that it is unconstitutional.

The country wide President of CHSR, Alex Omotehinse, advised newsmen in Lagos that only the national meeting could make legal guidelines on pension in Nigeria.

He said the numerous states’ laws on pension and gratuity to ex-governors, their deputies and others ought to be declared null and void and unconstitutional.

“since the diverse states’ houses of assembly have refused to amend or abrogate the outrageous existence pension for their former governors, the discourse have to also refuse to die down too.

The NGO referred to that currently, about 20 former governors and their deputies are drawing salaries from public handbag as both serving senators or ministers.

They brought that the revenue Mobilisation Allowance and monetary fee, RMAFC, approved fee of three hundred% basic earnings as severance allowances for political office holders on leaving office, but that diverse states houses of meeting had accepted a huge variety of entitlements for ex-governors and their deputies.

Omotehinse stated: “in step with the Lagos state pension regulation a former governor will revel in two homes; one in Lagos and every other one in Abuja, envisioned with the aid of assets professionals to value N500,000,000 and N700,000,000, respectively’

“Six new automobiles replaceable every three years, furnishings allowance of three hundred% of annual revenue to be paid each years and N2,500,000 as monthly pension, which is about N30,000,000 yearly.

“meanwhile, the previous governor may also enjoy security information, free medicals such as for his instantaneous families and 10% house protection, 30% amusement, 20% utilities and several domestic personnel

“that is in a state in which the equal authorities has refused to offer public water for her residents through giving the laughable excuse of privatising water, that the nation doesn’t have the desired sources to provide water for Lagosian.

“The 1999 constitution, as amended, no longer handiest ensures proper to pension and gratuities of citizen is in the public carrier of a country or Federation, but goes on inside the distinctive legislative list in item 44 to state definitely that pension and gratuities fall within the legislative competence of the country wide assembly.

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